Hello, I’m Chelsea and welcome to Laughable Mess! I created this blog as a way to honor my sweet mama.  Life can be complicated, but no matter what, she would always find a reason to laugh. My great hope is to follow her example by embracing this messy life and continuing to laugh, especially at myself.

I am a twenty-something Texas native who loves to read, travel and eat. My wonderful husband, Matt, serves as my official taste-tester and editor-in-chief. When I’m not in the kitchen or nose deep in a book, you can usually find me with Matt and our two dogs, Titan and Thumper, or watching more HGTV than I care to publicly admit (Joanna Gaines is my hero).

I look forward to sharing my discoveries of amazing food, fantastic books, fun travel spots, little life tidbits and more.  

Rhodesian Ridgeback Corgi