Allow Me to Introduce You

This post has proven to be surprisingly hard to write. The amount of words needed to adequately introduce you to my husband could not possibly be squeezed into such a small space.

One of his greatest passions is flying, and he has dedicated countless hours to obtaining his single engine instrument rated commercial license. We live close to the Moffett Federal Airfield and Matt always rushes onto the patio to watch the planes. Our dogs have begun to associate the sound of planes with something really exciting happening on the patio. As a result, the sound of air traffic now means I’m the only member of the family not frantically rushing to get outside and look up.

Matt is definitely the more cultured individual in this relationship. While I have expanded his culinary horizon, he has introduced me to the magical world of theatre, music (beyond my beloved country), and museums. I have come to appreciate the history of an area when we travel (hello, Normandy), but then I am always reminded how far I still have to go before I reach Matt’s level of cultured refinement (looking at you, Venus de Milo).

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When you’re a Stanford Man but your brother plays for the opposing team…

The term “rabid sport fan” comes to mind when I think of Matt. He is very much an equal opportunist when it comes to sports. That man can watch any sport, any time, all day, every day. He loves to play basketball and golf. When we were dating we would go to Jazz games in Salt Lake where he would often regale me with stories of the great Stockton (&) Malone. It wasn’t until roughly two years into our marriage that I finally realized that “Stockton Malone” was in fact a dynamic duo, not one all-star basketball great. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be allowed to live that one down.

Life with Matt is never dull. He is outrageously funny; I am constantly amazed at how quickly he can get me laughing when I am in a sour mood. We all have obstacles in our lives, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have a partner with a knack for finding the humor in life.