Bye To The Bay




We are moving! Matt has finished the academic portion of his program for a PSY.D. in Clinical Psychology, and we will now be traveling to Mississippi for his internship opportunity. I have never loved living in a city, but I am more than a little heavy hearted to leave the Bay Area. We have made some truly incredible friends here, and I love Love LOVE my job. The weather is beautiful 24/7, and the variety of culinary experiences available is a self-proclaimed foodie’s dream, but I am looking forward to living in the South again.

My sister, Nikki, came into town recently and we bribed her with a visit to Ghiradelli Square to do a family photo shoot for us in San Francisco. She was crying laughing when we regaled her with the story of the time that we placed whipped cream on Titan’s nose at Ghiradelli Square. Upon issuing his release command, he flipped his nose so hard that the whipped cream flew backward and landed right in the middle of a lady’s lap at the table behind us. Titan flew to her side in a blur and proceeded to lick the dollop of cream off of her lap while I fumbled to get out of my seat, absolutely mortified, and profusely apologized. Luckily, she was very forgiving about the whole incident.