Cream Puffs at Satura Cakes

With a mission statement like: “Never an ordinary bite” how could Japanese bakery, Satura Cakes, not be on my Bay Area “To-Eat” list? I am not a decisive person by nature so when I first walked in to this bakery, I was more than a little overwhelmed by the wide array of decadent treats lining the counters.

However, once I saw the oversized cream puffs I had eyes for no other pastry. It was the tug of nostalgia that I just could not resist. As a child, I would visit my Grandmother every summer.  We would throw a big party on the farm with all of our extended family. She knew I loved cream puffs and would always have these gigantic cartons of cream puffs in the freezer. Together, we would carefully plate them and drizzle all of the sweet puffy deliciousness with chocolate to serve at the party.

The powdered sugar laden behemoths at Satura Cakes looked nothing like the cream puffs of my childhood, but I still had to have one. The golden-brown shell had just the right amount of crispness that perfectly paired with the delicious vanilla Bavarian cream filling. Be prepared, there is no pretty way to eat this sweet treat but I immensely enjoyed every finger licking bite.