DIY: Southwest Skull Art

My husband and I were visiting my dad and stepmom in Arizona when I saw this shop with a yard full of cow skulls. Jackpot! Matt thought I was a total crazy person as I searched for the perfect one. I tried explaining to him that skull art is a normal thing, but having grown up in Utah he just could not grasp the southwestern décor I grew up with in Texas. As a compromise we agreed that if he hated it once it was finished,  I wouldn’t hang it. Luckily, he loved it so much it is now hanging in our living room.

Once we got it home, I used super glue to firmly attach the teeth in their sockets. Once the glue dried, I did a light sanding, wiped it down, and then applied a very thorough coating of primer. Bone is very porous so skipping the primer is not recommended.

Next, I wrapped the horns to protect their natural color (personal preference) and then spray-painted the skull black.

The following step was incredibly time consuming but thanks to Netflix (Have you seen Scandal?!) it was not at all painful. Using super glue, I covered the entirety of the skull in turquoise colored stones. Once the stones had set I finished it with multiple coats of polyurethane.